“This essential course, for those looking to smash their interviews, is led by Medicine Interview experts who take you through three main areas. These are Interview skills, knowledge and practice, to build a strong foundation and ensure you have successful Interviews!”

In A Nutshell

In A Nutshell

We Know You Don’t Have Much Spare Time. Here Is What You Need To Know About Our Interview Crash Course.


Course Overview

Course Overview

7 Hours. Is It Enough To Prepare You For Your Medical School Interview? Of Course Not. But It’s A Great Foundation.

7 Hours. Is It Enough To Prepare You For Your Medical School Interview? Of Course Not. But It’s A Great Foundation.


Interview Skills

Effective communication is key for a successful Interview. Admission tutors want to see a friendly, likeable person who has a genuine passion to be a doctor. Students need to demonstrate and communicate that they have the qualities and determination to become a good doctor. How do we teach you to communicate effectively? We do this through:

  • Communication skills seminar
  • Going through common question types as a group
  • Helping you structure your answers


Common Interview Topics

It’s vital that you back up your Interview skills with knowledge. We’ll take you through some of the hot topics and those that appear every cycle, such as medical ethics, the NHS, and current affairs along with MMI stations (lateral thinking and breaking bad news). The Interview Crash Course is as interactive as possible – there’s no reading off the board here.


Putting Your Learning Into Practice

The session that the majority of students find is the highlight of the day. We give a volunteer the opportunity for a Mock Interview for the rest of the class to observe. The volunteer uses the content they learnt during the day to give themselves an advantage. After the Interview, everyone comes together to give constructive feedback, including the tutor and fellow students. Please note, we can’t guarantee every student a mock interview, so make sure you volunteer if you would like to have a go.

Students find this activity to be incredibly beneficial for understanding how to apply what they learnt during the day in the real thing.


Start the day with a brief introduction.


We’ll then begin with our first topic which is the traits of a good doctor.


Next, we’ll move on to creating your own experience bank.


Break time!


The first topic after the break is on inner and outer game.


We’ll then move on to the introduction to medical ethics.


Lunchtime! Grab something to eat.


The post-lunch session begins with common Interview questions.


Time to work through an example Interview.


Another break – we don’t want your brains to explode! 


Mock Interviews start.


Q&A and course wrap up.


Course officially finishes.

Dates & Venues

Dates & Venues

Our Interview Crash Courses run from November to February. Secure Your Place! 

Our Interview Crash Courses run over a range of weekends from November to February each application cycle. Our courses are held online due to COVID-19. You can check and book your place by clicking the button below.

Course Materials

Course Materials

Take A Look At The Materials We Offer To Accompany Your Crash Course. Read through Our Table Of Contents.

Take A Look At The Materials We Offer To Accompany Your Crash Course. Read through Our Table Of Contents.

The Interview Workbook covers key topics in-depth to save you having to research them yourself. You can thank us later!

This is just some of the content:

Basics of Interviews

Inner & Outer Game

Important Advice

Common Questions

Oxbridge Interviews

Personal Statement



Famous Diseases



Medical Ethics

Famous Diseases

MMI Interviews







Current Affairs

Weird Questions

Course Reviews

Hear from the hundreds of students who have been supported by 6med and benefited from our courses. Read on here to view the unedited reviews of our courses.


Still have some burning questions to ask about the Crash Course? You may find the answer here. If not, you can always get in touch, we’re more than happy to answer any questions!

We sure believe it is. However, if you want a students opinion you can see the reviews they leave for us. Every time we finish a course we send them a feedback form and from our years of coaching students through Medical Interview technique and preparation, every student has answered ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Would you recommend this course to a friend?’ You can also read all the reviews our students have left for us on this page. 

If you are looking for the best value-for-money option, then there is nothing or no one that can beat us. We provide you with a one-day course of teaching and guide you through the best techniques and tips to help you succeed in the Interview and get your dream university place.

The course tutor will be a current medical student who has gone through the Interviews recently and excelled at them. They have already taught many students sharing their best secrets and tips with them.

We’ve got over 4,000 reviews that rate our tutors with 4.93/5, so we do go to great lengths to make sure our tutors are only the best.

Once you’ve made the purchase, a link to Zoom will be sent for you to take the course along with the companion guide you will be working with.

We focus on three main areas to build strong foundations for successful Medical School Interviews. These areas are:

  1. Interview skills (learn how to communicate effectively).
  2. Interview knowledge (tutor guides you through MMI stations, NHS and current affairs and a medical ethics workshop).
  3. Mock Interview Practice (use everything you have learnt and have a go, tutors and peers then provide constructive feedback).


For full information on cancellations, transfers and refunds, see our Terms and Conditions page.

You will be given a 200-page workbook, containing all you need to know to master your Medical School Interviews. During the course itself, we will be working alongside the book and interactively going through it as a class. 

The workbook covers topics including:

  • Inner and Outer Game
  • Common Questions
  • Famous Diseases
  • Current Affairs

You’ll also get the course companion guide which quite literally guides you through the course on the day.

Secure your place today and nail your Medical School Interview. 

All of our resources and courses are created and led by tutors who have gone through Medical School Interviews recently and excelled at them. We’ve helped thousands of students with their Medical School Interviews. Will yours be next?